Vertical Garden

Striving high with a vertical garden

A vertical garden is, as the word implies, a vertical system where plants of different species decorate your wall. This results in a natural interior that improves air quality and reduces stress. The use of living plants gives a vertical garden a lush and healthy character. Green Fortune makes modest as well as bold design, varying in size from 4 m2 up to 150 m2.

A vertical garden, why?

A vertical garden gives your office or restaurant a nice and luxurious look. Bare and boring walls are easily turned into a green oasis where people feel good and productive. Plants improve concentration and productivity. On top of that, a vertical garden creates a healthier indoor climate and regulates humidity. Because a vertical garden is vertically oriƫntated it does not cost any valuable floor space whilest creating a beautiful view.

Maintaining a vertical garden

To preserve the beautiful look of a vertical garden, Green Fortunes plantwall system uses an automated irrigation system which provides the plants with the right amount of water and nutrients. Excess water is captured in a custom made drain located under the vertical garden. Green Fortune has its own maintenance crew. With the installation of a new wall we offer a maintenance contract that guarantees a beautiful vertical garden for years. Read more here about our maintenance service.

Vertical garden design

The design of the vertical garden is always custom made. Clients wishes are taken into account in order to get the best result. There are many different options that can be integrated in the vertical garden design. From a simple, modest look to a lush and wild design, everything is possible.

A vertical garden allows you to:

  1. Enjoy a green interiour for years
  2. Delegate maintenance completely
  3. Integrate your own wishes in the plant design
  4. Make a useless space useful
  5. Create a nice and luxurious atmosphere
  6. Feel better inside 

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