Green Fortune was founded in Stockholm 2004 by Hans Andersson and Johan Svensson. 

Green Fortune believes that plants and cultivation is very important and serves many needs for us. Due to the strong trend of urbanization, we can see that knowledge in this field gets lost. This is a development we would like to reverse. 

Green Fortune is based on a vision called Urban Cultivation, describing a future where plants and cultivation has become a much more integrated part of modern urban life. Green Fortunes products and projects are extracted from this vision. They are just plants, but plants adopted to modern urban circumstances. 

Green Fortune is also well aware of the environmental challenges we face. Being efficient with resources, not owning cars but using public transport and bicycles whenever possible, as well as creating high quality projects with long lifetimes is all with these challenges in mind. 

Green Fortune launched Streamgarden - a personal hydroponics garden - in 2004. We are proud to say it was innovative and before its time, eliminating the need for soil for cultivation. Was Streamgarden perhaps the first ever consumer product using hydroponics? Streamgarden was an attempt to reach out to modern urban people, not necessarily already interested in plants and cultivation. 

Based on Green Fortunes interest and respect for allotment gardens, a system created in times of need, we developed our Tubegarden which is a hydroponic allotment garden. Tubegarden is a flexible system, possible to place in any kind of space, temporarily or permanent. Tubegarden offers a possibility for soul replenishment through cultivation in the urban wasteland. 

In cities, space is expensive. Going vertical can make it possible to add a lot of greenery without using floor space. Therefore Green Fortune has developed a line of vertical greenery products. In early 2006 we installed our first public Plantwall, which since then has been followed by more than 650 Plantwall projects in 20 countries. If the climate is right, this concept can be applied outdoors as well as indoors. The Plantwall was followed by the Plantwire in 2012 and the Plantstalagmite in 2015. All in all, we offer a range of product concepts that can help to create magnificent greenery in the most challenging spaces. 

Green Fortune also offers maintenance services for plant installations. 

Green Fortune has fixed representation in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Dubai. You are always welcome to contact us regarding a potential project anywhere in the world.