A hydroponic allotment garden

Tubegarden offers a possibility to cultivate in a way adopted to modern urban circumstances. Hydroponics – cultivation without soil – is a technique normally used in the greenhouse industry. By using hydroponics the need for transport of soil to cities is eliminated. 

Tubegarden is a product extracted from Green Fortunes 'hydroponic allotment gardens' exhibition at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Creating hydroponic allotment gardens in urban locations allows for significant cultivation output in locations one thought would not be possible to use for growing food. Cultivation becomes a way to utilize urban wasteland. It is also possible to plant only decorative plants, giving an output of soul replenishment instead. 

Tubegarden offers a possibility for architects and others to create modern allotment gardens, perhaps in urban rooftop greenhouses? Green Fortune offers it both in fixed standard versions as well as custom made versions. 

For private consumers interested in do-it-yourself, we also offer Tubegarden as a free blowup – sketch, giving everybody a possibility to create their own allotment garden.

Tubegarden Facts & Requirements

Weight Max 15 kg per m
Water usage Closed circulation. A few liters per month.
Plants per m 5

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Wingårdh street level -Tubegarden at Wingårdh Head office in Göteborg.

Industrial looking greenwall - Tubegardens create an industial green look when mounted to the wall and covered with plants that vary in shape and form.

Stand alone indoor kitchen garden - The hydroponic system provides a vertile base for a simple indoor kitchen garden that can be used in restaurants or at home to grow herbs and vegetables