Plant benefits

Since the first days of mankind, the presence of plants ensures humans of water, food and shelter. And while the world around us has changed, plants are still of great influence on humans. For example, by reducing stress, improving the creative process, accelerating recovery and improving air quality. In this perspective, Plantwalls and plants in general become more than just a sustainable eye-catcher. An increasing number of scientific studies underlines the functional benefits and supports the choice for more plants in buildings also a rational one, with a viable business case. Below you can find a number of ways how (vertical) plants can benefit your organization.

  1. Increase productivity – Several research articles show up to 15% increase in productivity, better cognitive scores and less sick leave with the presence of plants. For research click here
  2. Improve air quality – Plants filter out harmful substances such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds like benzene or formaldehyde) and help to increase humidity to improve the indoor climate. For research click here
  3. Healing environment – Looking at nature while recovering from medical treatment helps to recover faster. Research has proved this statement and has led to the development of 'Healing environments', where nature plays a prominent role in the healing process. For research click here
  4. Improve acoustics – Green Fortunes multi-layered textile together with the plants and soil create a powerful tool for noise dampening and diffusion. An official test resulted in a sound absorption value α(w)=0,85. For the report click here
  5. High visibility and optimal use of floor space – Through vertical application, our Plantwalls are very visible. They often use several hundred medium sized plants without sacrificing any valuable floor space or limiting the flexibility of your space.