Green Space Strategy

How to leverage the benefits of plants?

Stress hormones are reduced by looking at plants

And did you know that plants filter air from toxic gasses for free? And that our green wall has very good acoustic properties? Plants have so diverse qualities that it is actually strange we often only look at them as decoration.

Beautiful & functional

At Green Fortune we combine the beauty with the useful so you can get the most out of your investment. So whether you are aiming to boost productivity of personnel, reduce background noise in your restaurant, or improve wellbeing and recovery, with our tailored green space advise we help you to achieve your goals.

Green space strategy

We do this by making an inventory of the functional use of the space and physical greening possibilities, and combine this with yoru requirements and wishes. In dialog with the client and preferably also future users we come up with a plan that fits most needs and wishes.

We can also give advice on how to score points with greenery for WELL certification. In this way we help you to get the most out of your green investment.

The Facts

Air quality Plants remove harmful VOC's from the air and reduce dry air
Stress reduction Looking at nature reduces stress levels significantly
Acoustic benefits α(w)=0,85
Healing environment View of nature stimulates better recovery
WELL certification Access to nature (indoor and outdoor) is part of WELL certification

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The Dutch television program "De Grote Tuinverbouwing" came by an Amsterdam office where we installed and maintain several plantwalls. Green Space Strategist Astrid Hietbrink explains the benefits of plants at the office.