Green wall

Green Wall as a vertical garden

A green wall is a wall made of living plants. It can be made in all sized, from 4m2 to over a 100 m2. A green wall contains many different plant species which gives it a natural and lush character. A green wall turns your office or restaurant into a natural live and work environment. However, it starts with the looks: a green wall is a feast for the eye. Take a look at our example projects

Green wall inside

A green wall makes being inside more comfortable. Research shows that people working in a green office have less stress related complaints and they are more productive. Plants have a calming effect and decrease fatigue, headaches, dry skin and irritated eyes. Many reasons to turn a plain wall into a green wall. Find out more about the effects of plants here.

Maintenance of a green wall

Green Fortunes takes care of your green wall and makes sure you can enjoy a good looking natural wall for for years. A automatic irrigation system provides the plants with just the exact amount of water and nutrients they need. The excess water goes down the custom made drain underneath the green wall. In this way the plants stay lush and healthy. To keep our green walls in perfect condition, Green Fortune offers a maintenance contract with every green wall. Find out more about green wall maintenance here.

Construction of a green wall

With decades of green wall experience we can be called true green wall experts. Our experience enables us to construct a green wall in almost all shapes, forms and locations. A custom made plant design gives every client a unique green wall with a dynamic and natural effect. Green Fortune takes your wishes into account and offers a green wall that truely fits your company.

Green wall facts

  1. A green wall creates a lush and natural live and work environment
  2. 4m2 is enough to construct a green wall in e.g. an office or restaurant
  3. A wide range of plants can be used in a green wall
  4. Automatic irrigation and nutrient supply

Green Fortune has a wide range of innovative plant solutions, inside as well as outside. Take a look at our product portfolio here