A vertical garden on autopilot

Green Fortune has completed over 650 Plantwall projects in 20 countries since 2006. 

Plantwalls makes it possible to have lots of greenery without losing floor space. We were inspired by cliffsides overgrown with plants. Besides the impression of beauty, plants provide oxygen and humidity to improve the air quality. Some plants even have air cleaning properties. Plantwall is also a beautiful sound absorber.

Green Fortune can offer all sizes and shapes of Plantwalls. From huge and medium sized Plantwalls down to very small installations.

Each new Plantwall project can be tailor made to suit different demands. Depending on the impression you want to make, the choice of plants can be adjusted.

The integrated drip irrigation system makes the watering very smooth. A suitable level of irrigation is programmed by us and automatically controlled. We also offer maintenance and service agreement for each Plantwall project. You are welcome with your requests.

Plantwall facts & requirements

Sizes Any size
Weight 25 kg per m²
System depth ~ 12 cm (excl plants); ~ 20 cm with plants
Water 1-2 L per m²/day
Plants per m² 25
Automatic irrigation Yes
Waterproof base construction Yes
Fire safety certification B s1 d1

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Plantwall by Green Fortune in an atrium in Shanghai, China. Completed 2015. A massive centerpiece, 12 meters high and 7 meters wide.

Dedicated plant design - From simplistic to wild to different color accents. For every plant wall we create a tailor-made design according to client preferences

Acoustic benefits - Our special plant-textile together with soil and plants has impressed many clients with the green walls sound absorbing qualities

Seamless integration - With an eye for detail and our flexible textile based system our plant wall projects aim for perfect finishing around stairs, windows and other building features