The urban hanging garden

Green Fortune has completed over 650 projects in 20 countries since 2006. 

Plantwire is inspired by hanging plant structures in the rainforest. Greenery hanging through several floor levels, without losing transparency, is now possible.

With technical similarities to our well known Plantwall product, the free hanging plant structure Plantwire offers a possibility to add lots of indoor greenery where it was not possible before.

Plantwire installations are custom made for each project. It can be of almost any height.

Plantwire is especially suitable for big volume spaces where walls are not available for Plantwalls, or floor space for traditional indoor plantations. Plantwire is a tool to add impressive greenery in for example atriums, indoor squares or big office entrances. We also offer maintenance and service agreement for each Plantwire project. You are welcome with your requests.

Plantwire facts & requirements

Weight Max 10 kg/m
Maximum height ~ 30 m
System diameter ~ 60 cm (incl. plants)
Water Max 0,4 - 0,8 L per m/day
Plants per m 10
Automatic irrigation & nutrients Yes

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Plantwires and Plantwall at Emporia shopping mall, Malmö. Completed 2012. In cooperation with Steen and Ström and Wingårdh architects.

Plantwires at Bath Riverside, a housing complex in Bath, UK. The Plantwires hang through seven floors and measure an impressive 26 meter each! Created in excellent cooperation with Scott Brownrigg architects and Crest Nicholson.

With experience from 650 projects since 2006, Green Fortune can handle all kinds of challenging installations.