Guaranteed longevity

A crucial element for long-term quality

Maintenance is very important for longivety of any indoor green solution. Green Fortune has dedicated maintenance teams with many years of experience that let you enjoy nature without a care. Our vertical gardeners are trained to adjust the automatic watering and nutrition level, whilst trimming the plants in a way that creates a balance throughout the plantwall. This ensures a great looking wall for years to come. Wherever possible, our maintenance crew uses green transportation such as bikes or public transport to minimize our carbon footprint.

With a Green Fortunes maintenance contract, you will have a lush green wall guaranteed.

Key maintenance activities include a.o.:

  1. System check (incl irrigation)
  2. Adjusting irrigation system to the right level of moist and nutrition
  3. Pruning the plants to ensure long-term visual quality
  4. Refilling nutrition tanks
  5. Cleaning drains
  6. Replacement of deteriorating plants

Vertical Green Maintenance

Frequency 12 x per year (or other when desired by client)
Main activities Pruning, irrigation en nutrients check and adjust, replacement of deteriorating plants
Tools Telescopic scissors, ladder, scaffold or skytrain, depending on the situation (all povided by Green Fortune)
Transport Public transport, bike or car

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