Greenery striving high

Green Fortune has completed over 650 projects in 20 countries since 2006. 

Green Fortune aims to incorporate nature into architecture. This is why we often turn to nature for inspiration. Our Plantstalagmites are inspired by tree trunks covered with climbing plants.

We believe it is possible to use only limited floorspace and still achieve a strong visual impression using vertical greenery. Plantstalagmites striving through a void, creating visual contact between floor levels, is an excellent example of this.

A Plantstalagmite is connected to the floor, with a self supporting structure inside. It has integrated automatic irrigation, just like our other products for vertical greenery. The size and height of each project can be individual. We also offer maintenance and service agreement for each Plantstalagmite project. You are welcome with your requests

Plantstalagmite facts & requirements

Weight Max 20 kg per m
Maximum height 8 - 10 m
System diameter ~ 50 - 70 cm (with plants)
Water Max 2l per m/day
Plants per m 15
Automatic irrigation & nutrients yes

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Plantstalagmites and Plantwalls at project Bergsparken, Lindesberg. In total 6 Plantstalagmites, 3 Plantwalls and 3 Plantbeds. Completed in 2020. In cooperation with White architects and Libo. 

Plantstalagmites in Plantbeds at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, Solna. In total 7 Plantstalagmites in 2 Plantbeds, as well as a number of Plantwalls. Completed in 2015. In cooperation with Unibail Rodamco and Wingårdh architects.