Your personal hydroponic garden

Streamgarden was the very first product released by Green Fortune, back in 2004. The intention was to attract interest for cultivation among new groups of people, mainly in cities. We are proud to say it was innovative and before its time. Was Streamgarden perhaps the first consumer product using hydroponics? Already back then, sales mainly took place in online channels. Support was given online, besides the Plant and Seed swap meets we arranged in bars and restaurants in our hometown Stockholm. 

With production officially cancelled back in 2011, Green Fortune can now offer a very limited series of Streamgardens for sale, all stamped and signed. They are manufactured from new old stock and ready to use. Each unit is unique. For example, some units are packed in old test-print boxes.

Please see below how we described Streamgarden back in 2004. 

Now you can cultivate at home or your workplace with the same technique used in space stations and greenhouses.

Streamgarden is a small personal garden, for your home or place of work. Streamgarden is based on hydroponics. This means growing plants without soil in just circulating water.

It gives a magnificent and fast growth of plants. Hydroponics has been used by NASA on space stations and in other extreme conditions. It is common in commercial greenhouses all over the world for growing for example tomatoes, cucumbers, other vegetables and flowers.

We have transferred this industrial cultivation technique into the urban environment and adopted Streamgarden to the demands of modern urban people.

Irregular working hours, travelling and many activities outside home makes it tricky to keep plants in good condition. Streamgarden makes this easier. Instead of giving plants water every day as when growing in soil, you need to check the water level and refill approximately once a week.


Hydro-‘of water’ + Greek ponos ‘labour’ + -ics.

Grow your own chili at home!