A vertical garden on auto pilot

Great visibility, High impact

Vertical application of greenery has powerful impact with high visibility. It brings the outside in. Green Fortune Plantwalls make it possible to incorporate large amounts of plants without losing precious floor space in e.g. office or restaurant. Besides being beautiful green objects, our Plantwalls provide you with all benefits a plant can give. From cleaning and humidifying the air to stress and noise reduction, a Plantwall helps to make a better and healthier indoor environment. Click here to find out more and supporting research

Green Fortune strives to design vertical green with a truly natural appeal. That is why we pride ourselves in creating Plantwalls with a “leaves only look” (no system visible) and a dedicated plant selection based on the needs and wishes of the client. The integrated irrigation system makes the watering very smooth and carefree. Via the irrigation system water and fertilizer is distributed inside the special four-layer textile. We offer guarantee, maintenance and service agreement for each Plantwall.

Benefits of a Green Fortune Plantwall

  1. A plantwall is a sustainable eyecatcher
  2. Vertical green allows you to incorporate large amounts of plants without sacrificing floorspace
  3. A living green wall is highly visible throughout the whole space
  4. A Plantwall improves air quality (more humidity, less harmful substances)
  5. Plants decrease stress & improve productivity

What makes Green Fortune Plantwalls different?

  1. “Leaves only look”, a natural wall with rich green where no system is visible
  2. Dedicated plant design according to client preferences for each Plantwall
  3. Acoustic benefits α(w)=0,85 because of Green Fortune plant textile
  4. Longevity through professional maintenance - our oldest plant walls are 12 years and counting
  5. Ability to tailor make non-square walls or cover rounded walls and pillars with lush plants

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Plantwall facts & requirements

Sizes 5 m² to >150 m²
Weight Max 35 kg per m²
System depth ~12 cm (excl plants); ~20 cm with plants
Water Max 1-2 L per m²/day
Plants per m² 25
Automatic irrigation & nutrients Yes
Waterproof base construction Yes
Fire safety certification B s1 d1

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“Leaves only look" - Our Green Fortune plant textile is designed to achieve a natural, rich green wall with no visible system.  

Dedicated plant design - From simplistic to wild to different color accents. For every plant wall we create a tailor-made design according to client preferences

Acoustic benefits - Our special plant-textile together with soil and plants has impressed many clients with the green walls sound absorbing qualities

Seamless integration - With an eye for detail and our flexible textile based system our plant wall projects aim for perfect finishing around stairs, windows and other building features